Live events from July 1

Back in business!


Back in business!

The decision is made! From July 1 we can do what we are good at and really bring you together! This for groups up to 200 people indoor and up to 400 people outdoor.

To guarantee everyone's safety and to ensure a relaxing day, we follow the advice of the National Security Council. We will also thoroughly test each event against the Covid Event Risk Model in consultation with you and all parties involved.

We provide:

  • Sufficient space - before, during and after the event - to keep 1.5m apart
  • Alcohol gel that can be used by every customer
  • Mouth masks and gloves for our employees
  • Thorough disinfection of all material before and after the event
  • A maximum number of participants

We ask:

  • To disinfect hands before and regularly in between. Use the available alcohol gels for this
  • To keep sufficient distance between themselves, also with other visitors or our employees
  • Your cooperation and trust that you will make wise decisions and keep to the agreements made
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