The Mole 2.0

Ten reasons to choose this amazing concept


Ten reasons to choose this amazing concept

The idea of double play and sabotage is as old as the street. We took this idea as a basis and years ago developed our own playful team building concept based on it. We opted for unique assignments and developed a formula that has been appreciated by many customers over the years.

We recently decided to give the concept a new look. Finally, we created a Mole 2.0 with completely new assignments. In this way we give customers who have already played the concept the chance to experience it again. Coalition building, teammate trust and communication are even more crucial in the new version. We also added new options such as the elimination round with red/green screens and the possibility of teasers.

Ten reasons to choose this amazing concept

  1. Accessible and feasible for young and old
  2. Ideal concept to experience the group dynamics
  3. Modular (half day to full day to multi-day)
  4. Nice preliminary (questionnaire) and post-process ('Don't tell me you were the Mole?!')
  5. Years of optimization and development of the assignments
  6. Double goal: concentration on both the assignments and the saboteur
  7. Possible in any location indoors or outdoors
  8. Great for small teams from 7 people to groups of 500+
  9. Mole booklet as a help/gadget for each participant
  10. Prize for each participant of the winning team

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