City Games

City games

Urban adventures

Score the most points during the many fun photo, video, do and think assignments spread across the city with our interactive app games. Compete in teams of 5 to 6 with your own smartphones. After the game, you will receive a digital link with all the photos and videos made by all teams: you can enjoy together!

Different types

Generic city games can be played in any city and even in several cities at the same time with the Multi City formula: in this concept the teams play the same game across different cities or locations and may have to work together to succeed in the assignments.

Thematic city games address the specific characteristics of a certain city. We are happy to work out such a game in consultation with your group or company.

Guidance options

  • On-site guidance with briefing and technical assistance the day itself
  • Remote guidance, briefing and technical assistance the day itself
  • Briefing in advance and remote technical assistance the day itself

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