Push the chairs aside, remove the roof, because the party is about to kick off with this wacky Karaoke!

We have the perfect way to start your evening event with a lively atmosphere. With a selection of over 50,000 songs, the possibilities are endless. From “It’s the Final Countdown” to “Backstreet’s Back” and “Oops!.. I Did It Again,” we’ve got you covered.

Our quirky karaoke adds a unique twist to your celebration. Whether it’s a corporate party or a special event, our Kara-OKE will make it unforgettable.

The hits will be flying, and vocal cords will be put to the test. Perfect singing isn’t the goal; creating an amazing atmosphere is. Whether you go solo or in a group, anything goes with karaoke! With a repertoire of over 50,000 songs, your favorite hit is sure to be included. So grab that microphone and let the party begin!

Next Level: Live Band Experience!

Want to make it even more special? Let your musical outbursts be supported by a live band of professional musicians.

Request a song from the list or join in on the band’s extensive and varied setlist. When you hear the first notes of your favorite song, grab one of the microphones and sing along loudly with the lyrics on the screen.

Seize your 'moment de gloire' for a surprising performance with an experienced live band, and give it your all for your audience of colleagues, friends or family.

Afterwards, let the dance party kick off and continue with our live band and/or DJ!

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