Traditional Games & Darts

These traditional games, often rooted in a community's culture and history, provide a unique opportunity for teams to come together in an informal way, have fun, and develop important skills such as communication, strategy, and teamwork.

One of the most striking aspects of folk games is their inclusivity. Whether young or old, experienced or newcomer, everyone can participate in these activities. Furthermore, folk games encourage a healthy competitive spirit, encouraging teams to put their best foot forward. The variety of folk games also offers the opportunity to appeal to different skills. Some games require agility, while others focus more on strategy and precision.

These folk games can be used in a competition way or in free entry.

We provide a healthy mix of folk games with a choice of: Japanese billiards, ring game, sliding table, table hockey, barrel game, trou madame, jenga, cheese game, shuffleboard, see-saw, cub, darts, kubb ...

A great activity with which you can combine the folk games is our Icestock Curling.

Those who prefer to combine these Folk Games with some fresh air or ‘sightseeing’, will find the solution in our Traditional Games Route.

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