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Office Nature

Naturing Teams

A supporting program for businesses.

Building resilient teams in nature.

Do you also want to work at full potential on the company goals together with your employees? Would you like to experience your company as a place where everyone works towards the same goal and feels good about themselves? Are satisfied customers important to you? Do you want a committed and agile team with which you can respond quickly to challenges?

We see all of this as an ongoing vibrant project with sometimes tough challenges. Especially given the dynamic nature of a company and the (new Corona) context in which it moves.

Sometimes you may feel that:

  • your team is in danger of falling apart like loose sand
  • you lose grip on which direction the team is going
  • your team lacks cohesion and connection
  • the motivation of your team does not correspond to what you consider possible, the punch seems to be gone
  • the potential of the employees of your team seems underutilized


With “Naturing Teams” we offer a 5 day program to support these challenges. It is a coaching trajectory for groups in which we wish to nurture employees, company goals and the dynamics within the company in a healthy way.

During this process, teams acquire growing insight into their own potential and that of the team and the company as they go along. Authenticity is emerging and an insight into what own added value is, grows.

Afterwards feeling the connection with yourself, colleagues, the team and the business goals will become a simpler movement. At the end of the program, everyone has a thorough insight into what his added value is, what it means in the whole and how he can use it constructively within the company framework. Clarity is created, communication is simpler, moving can be smoother and lighter and there is more room for job satisfaction.

We guide the teams in nature. We use nature, in addition to other theoretical frameworks, as a source of inspiration. It is a physical place where we can relax, can dynamise and where, more than ever, we can breathe freely.

You can look at this program as an opportunity that you give yourself and your teams to (in time) to get out of a "survival mode". After all, in a survival mode you do things on automatic pilot, without actually feeling or being connected to your action.

With this program you give yourself and your teams the necessary oxygen (literally and figuratively) to keep working together and to be resilient.

The program of your team

  • day 1: You and your team
  • day 2: Your team as a whole
  • day 3: Your team in the company
  • day 4: Business goals in focus
  • day 5: From crisis to opportunity / the next crisis as opportunity
  • individual coaching possible for individual needs

Price: on request. Can be paid partially via SME portfolio.

Location: a beautiful place in nature.

We provide the opportunity for intake and feedback moments with the CEO or other authorized decision makers. In this way, there is always room to adapt to specific needs / requirements and to keep the program appropriate along the way.

The 5 days can be planned in installments or consecutively.

Interested? Feel free to mail or call us. We are happy to listen to your questions.

On to the wonders of nature ☺

For this program, Ecco La Luna and NextStep coaching have joined forces, each from their own expertise.

Contact us!

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