Embark on a transformative team-building journey in the heart of nature. Discover your role within the team, enhance collaboration, and forge lasting connections, all while surrounded by the beauty of the natural world.

During this team coaching, we will venture into the forest together. Relaxing and meditative activities such as ‘forest bathing’ are combined with creative and active tasks. You will be provided with tools to experience a healthy connection with your body and to strengthen your resilience. We also look at the collaboration within your team and reflect on everyone’s natural rhythm and place within the team.

Provocative questions

We ask questions like: What role do I take on within the team? How is our team spirit? How is our overall well-being as a team? How do we deal with each other’s uniqueness? How efficiently do we work together? To what extent do I allow myself to be seen and heard? Do I dare to ask for help?

This team coaching is a healthy learning experience in nature for you and your team! Through the peace, beauty, and inspiration that nature offers, we can work deeply on personal growth, self-care, and team development. The forest environment and joint activities stimulate your creativity, energy, efficiency, and overall well-being. And your team spirit!

Nature as an inspiring environment

Being consciously in nature helps you to be in the moment and to increase your focus. In addition, we will work on communication skills and creating a positive team culture.

In short, this team coaching in nature offers a unique and effective way to grow, learn, and flourish as a team, amidst the soothing power of nature.

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