5 tips for remote onboarding of employees


Integrating a new colleague in these times is not an easy task. We can facilitate this through an interactive app game in which new employees, based on assignments and facts, get to know their new company (site).

Our 5 tips for successfully virtual onboarding a new employee:

1. Prepare the set-up of their new (home) work environment well in advance

Given the current circumstances, employees do not have the usual access to company equipment such as a top-equipped desk, company network, headset, laptop, PC, smartphone ... Think about how you will provide this equipment, whether or not the employee has to provide it himself/herself and to what extent the company will intervene in the costs.

2. Adapt the onboarding material to the current virtual business environment

Digitize the necessary procedures, manuals, files for the new employee. Learning modules and instructional videos will make onboarding easier and save the company time. Make this material easily accessible in an online environment.

3. Introduce the employee virtually

A first good chat with some colleagues is very important for a new person in a company. Therefore, schedule a few calls or meetings with the direct colleagues of the new employee, record a great welcome video or let him or her make a nice video assignment.

4. Schedule a one-on-one moment regularly

Follow up frequently during the first working days. Check whether the employee has everything to be able to perform the job as desired. Make sure he or she starts to feel connected to the company. Use an open door policy at any time.

5. Deliver a nice welcome package

Have a cool box delivered to their homes during their first week. A tasty snack or a refreshing cocktail, the company's sports outfit, movie tickets ...

Extra tip: many new employees in a short time? Organize an online team building to break the ice!

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