Family businesses

Navigate through the intricacies of family businesses and unlock the potential of your organization with our specialized guidance and unique coaching approach.

In a family business, the family system and the organizational system are often closely intertwined, creating unique dynamics and challenges. Family members may have different roles within both the family and the business. This can lead to complex situations where personal relationships and professional responsibilities can influence each other.

Decisions within the company can be influenced by family relationships and dynamics. Familial loyalty and emotions can sometimes affect objectivity in decision-making. Succession of leadership within the family business is often a delicate issue. Family relationships can play a role in determining who will be the next generation of leaders, which can have both positive and negative effects on the organization.

The culture of the family business is often influenced by the norms, values, and traditions passed down within the family. This can be both a powerful unifying factor and a source of conflict if the values of individual family members clash with the business objectives. Effective communication between family and non-family members in the company is essential for its success. Communication issues can arise from existing family dynamics and can hinder operational efficiency.

To effectively manage the intertwining of the family system and the organizational system in a family business, it is important to be aware of these dynamics and proactively work on creating clear boundaries between family matters and business affairs.

Prior to this day, there will be a 2-hour intake conversation to understand the needs, expectations, and challenges of the family members and the company. Based on this intake, the professional guide will put together a coaching day.

The coaching day consists of two parts:

Morning: Impact of the family system on the organization
The impact of the family system on a family business is often profound and can affect various aspects of the business, ranging from leadership dynamics, succession planning, communication, decision-making, personnel policy, company growth ...

Afternoon: Organizational constellations
An organizational constellation is a powerful method to make visible the underlying dynamics and relationships within an organization. It is used to identify hidden patterns, blockages, and opportunities that can affect the functioning of the organization. In setting up an organization, representatives are used to represent different elements of the organization, such as employees, departments, goals, values, and external factors.

Common symptoms in family businesses:

  • Changes succeed moderately, they take a lot of energy and strength
  • There are conflicts between employees
  • Management's authority is undermined
  • Set goals are not achieved
  • The financial position is getting worse
  • Relations with customers and suppliers are difficult
  • Absenteeism is high
  • There is still a lot of untapped potential, employee commitment and motivation is low
  • Attracting and retaining people is difficult
  • Employee turnover is high
  • There is a real gossip and/or 'please' culture
  • Employees and teams do not function efficiently
  • We are not allowed to shine as an organization
  • The next generation cannot grow the organization

Optionally, these modules can take place among horses.

Horses are naturally sensitive to the energy and emotions of people. They can pick up subtle signals and respond to inner processes that often lie outside human awareness. Working with horses can contribute to a sense of empowerment and self-awareness among participants. Through interaction with horses, people can become more aware of their own energy, emotions, and behaviors, which can lead to personal growth and development.

Working with horses provides an experiential learning method that can offer deeper insights than purely cognitive approaches. Through direct interaction with horses, participants can discover new ways of being and acting that they can apply in their daily lives.

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