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Discover the power of collaboration and transform your team with our in-depth development modules. From forging strong bonds to achieving team maturity, we guide you towards unity and success.

80% of teams do not perform efficiently. You hesitate to give each other sincere feedback and find it difficult to hold each other accountable for responsibilities or poor results. Worse still: because everyone is so preoccupied with themselves, the end result is lost from sight. A team can be unbalanced due to structural changes, confrontations, unspoken discussions, a lack of basic trust, or other causes. Therefore, the restoration or creation of a team requires a profound approach at different levels.

There are various development phases, from loose sand, leveraging each other’s talents to self-directing teams. There are different models focused on group dynamics and consist of various phases that are run through in a fixed order. This is necessary to have a professional and well-functioning team capable of delivering quality work. Going through the different development phases requires precise and intense guidance, with room for depth and self-reflection. It is very important that we take the necessary time for this process so that it can be incorporated into the company’s culture.

These 4 modules can be booked separately or experienced as a trajectory.

Module 1: Teamcrafting

  • Teamcrafting refers to the active process by which team members collaborate to form and adjust the structure, roles, processes, and goals of the team.
  • It revolves around the conscious design and shaping of the team to optimize the performance and well-being of individual members.
  • Teamcrafting takes into account the unique strengths, skills, and needs of each team member and aims for an optimal composition and work environment.

Module 2: Team Cohesion

  • Team cohesion refers to the extent to which individual team members feel connected to each other and the team’s common goal.
  • It emphasizes the interpersonal relationships, trust, cooperation, and unity within the team.
  • Team cohesion focuses on the emotional and social bonds between team members and how these bonds affect the team’s performance.

Module 3: Team Vitality

  • Team vitality refers to the energy, resilience, and ability of a team to function effectively, even in challenging situations.
  • It highlights the team’s dynamics, flexibility, and adaptability in dealing with changes and setbacks.
  • Team vitality focuses on the overall health and well-being of the team, including the motivation, engagement, and productivity of team members.

Module 4: Team Maturity

  • Team maturity refers to the level of development and maturity of a team in terms of effectiveness, collaboration, and performance.
  • It includes aspects such as the ability to resolve conflicts, decision-making, communication, and the ability to learn and adapt to changes.
  • A more mature team generally has a higher degree of self-direction, autonomy, and effectiveness in achieving its goals.

Optionally, these modules can take place among horses.

Horses are naturally sensitive to the energy and emotions of people. They can pick up subtle signals and respond to inner processes that often lie outside human awareness. Working with horses can contribute to a sense of empowerment and self-awareness among participants. Through interaction with horses, people can become more aware of their own energy, emotions, and behaviors, which can lead to personal growth and development.

Working with horses provides an experiential learning method that can offer deeper insights than purely cognitive approaches. Through direct interaction with horses, participants can discover new ways of being and acting that they can apply in their daily lives.

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