Attempt to conquer a series of electrifying challenges that test both mind and muscle.

In a small team of daring souls, you compete against other teams, in a variety of challenges.

Team Dynamics challenges you and your team in every conceivable way, drawing upon a diverse array of qualities.
The contribution of each group member is decisive for each assignment. Team spirit, cooperation, creativity, perseverance, speed, agility, tactical insight ... are all touched.

Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:
Calculator, Minefield, Tower of Power, Magic Stick, Toxic Waste, Team Puzzle, Drop The Ball ...

So rally your team and step into the heart-pounding arena of our Team Dynamics.
Only the boldest will triumph!

Combination with coaching

Team Dynamics is a top activity in itself that provides a lot of interaction, fun, and unity. However, we like to link this format with coaching, where we determine in advance when and how this activity is guided by one of our team coaches.

That team coach can provide insights in an experiential way both before, during, and after the Team Dynamics, both individually and per team. Through a mix of learning, activities, and evaluation, we aim for a sustainable impact on your organization.

Be sure to also take a look at our page about team coaching.

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