Bamboo Experience

Building together is a very powerful way to grow team spirit. Bamboo is the material of choice to metaphorically represent the flexibility and resilience of a team.

After a short brainstorm about the theme of the building assignment, we set you up in smaller teams. With very simple materials such as bamboo sticks, elastic bands, banners, gutters, cardboard and colored cloths you can build the desired construction. This can range from a giant marble run, triumphal arch, your own castle to a giant beach chair or windmill.

Special effects are built in where necessary and give the entire construction the necessary dynamics. This 'giant' assignment can be done purely for fun, but it is all the more interesting to examine group processes under the supervision of experienced coaches. Collaboration, leadership, creativity, time management are just a few key concepts in this highly dynamic team building activity.

Do you want to get your hands dirty? Brainstorming together to stimulate the creative spirit in your team? Then our Bamboo Experience is for you!

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