Horse and pony walk

Discover the healing power of nature and its animals during our unique coaching sessions, where horses, ponies, and dogs take center stage.

We love to involve nature and thus also animals in our coaching.

You can come to us for relaxing horse and pony walks. The outdoor space brings peace and brings you closer to yourself. The walk extends between the fields, meadows, and forests. Relaxation of man and animal is central here. The oasis of tranquility in conjunction with our lovely four-legged friends is an ideal combination for letting go of old blockages and experiencing inner peace.

With us, you can go for individual coaching/walking as well as in a team, this on a personal level in the private sphere, and on a professional level.

In the meantime, you are also accompanied by our two lovely border collies who help guide everything and love a cuddle in between. A walk with the dogs provides the opportunity to let everything go, clear your mind, and enjoy the beautiful nature!

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