Fancy a healthy, inspiring, and connecting day with your team?

Taking a break from your normal working environment can be incredibly rewarding and you will get to know your colleagues better. During this teambuilding you go into the woods with a small group and get to know the nature around you in a different way. You experience how being mindful in nature can help you be more in the 'here and now' and bring you more peace of mind as well as renewed energy, creativity, and efficiency.

What is forest bathing?

Forest bathing comes from Japan, where it is called Shinrin-yoku, or 'bathing in the forest'. By consciously going into nature, you get in close contact with your natural environment and experience life in the forest in an intense way.

You are invited to do targeted exercises that, among other things, stimulate your senses and connect you to the energy of the forest. This makes you register more of what you see, hear, feel, taste and smell. We open all our senses and really immerse ourselves in the scents and colours of the forest: a true forest bath.

In doing so, you will be invited with assignments that stimulate cooperation, nature experience, trust, creativity and where you get to know yourself and each other better as a group.

A forest bath gives you energy, relaxation, and inspiration. It also brings you closer to your own nature, values, qualities and strengthens team spirit.

We conclude a forest bath with a tasty and healthy snack and drink made from local plants.

Various teambuilding formulas are possible from half a day to a whole day, possibly combined with a fresh natural lunch with seasonal herbs and vegetables. You decide whether you want to focus on relaxation, cooperation, and fun or whether you opt for more depth and combine forest bathing with team coaching.

This teambuilding happens in (different) small group(s). We decide on the location together.

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