Improve your health and make the environment cleaner in team? The teambuildings below focus on a healthy and clean future, where everyone can contribute and improve the physique!

Plogging also known as 'eco-jogging.' Moving together is inspiring, especially when it also comes to the benefit of public spaces. It's very simple. All you need is a strong garbage bag, gloves and a pair of sturdy running shoes! The goal of the activity is to combine a fun jog with picking up trash. Combined with a fun atmosphere and good running music, this is an ideal team moment. And who knows: maybe your actions inspire other residents as well? This action is perfect to combine with our team building ‘Team Trail’.

Plalking For nature lovers, social hikers and ardent walkers, the plalking action can be the perfect team moment! This is the ideal combination between a nice walk and litter picking. Hiking is a fun activity to do in a group. It strengthens the social contact and you can give nature a helping hand. We are happy to create a route with you that you and your team will be grateful for! This activity can be combined with other activities such as Forest Explorer and City Explorer.

River Clean-Up Would you and your team like to prevent trash from reaching the oceans? Then go on a kayaking trip with your team and find out how you can work together as a team to contribute to healthy rivers. A motivated group on the water can make a difference! Explore one of Belgium's rivers with your team while having a relaxing and valuable outing.

Feel like an inspiring walking, hiking or kayaking session?

Contact us and we will map out a beautiful plogging, plalking or river clean up route for you, for example Clean Up Clash.

Of course we provide all the necessary materials.

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