Leadership trajectory

Lead with insight, grow with confidence. Our leadership modules provide the keys to self-discovery and team dynamics, enabling you and your organization to thrive in a world of constant change.

Reorganizations, acquisitions, technological challenges, price inflation, economic and political evolutions… Constantly changing conditions require an organization that can quickly adapt to these changes. Flexibility and a high degree of agility are therefore necessary.

However, humans are creatures of habit and prefer not to change. Only 5% of your behavior is consciously controlled, and 95% happens on autopilot. Leadership revolves around people and goals, around connection and direction. A leader provides trust and access to safety on one hand but also challenges exploration and the courage to take risks. Before you can lead others, you must first understand yourself. By addressing the barriers and motivations in your undercurrent, you can make your team and organization excel.

Through a systemic lens, we view yourself, your team, your organization, your professional network as living systems. A living system thrives when it is in alignment and connection with the outside world. It’s all about connection!

These 4 modules can be booked separately or experienced as a trajectory.

Module 1: Maximizing Your Impact

  • Discovering the strongest version of yourself
  • Our natural defense mechanisms
  • Your family system carries through to the workplace
  • Discovering my authentic essences

Module 2: The Untapped Potential in My Team

  • Developmental phases in a team
  • Me as a leader of a team
  • (Re)vitalizing a team

Module 3: Considering an Organization as a Living System

  • Attention to the undercurrent
  • The impact of history on the organization
  • Behavioral patterns in organizations

Module 4: Connecting with the Outside World

  • From internally to externally focused
  • Collaboration between organizations
  • Innovating and co-creating

Optionally, these modules can take place among horses.

Horses are naturally sensitive to the energy and emotions of people. They can pick up subtle signals and respond to inner processes often outside human awareness. Working with horses can contribute to a sense of empowerment and self-awareness among participants. Through interaction with horses, people can become more aware of their own energy, emotions, and behaviors, which can lead to personal growth and development.

Working with horses offers an experiential learning method that can provide deeper insights than purely cognitive approaches. Through direct interaction with horses, participants can discover new ways of being and acting that they can apply in their daily lives.

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