On June 9th, we organized an engaging team-building day with the theme "Welcome to the Mole" for approximately 120 participants for the company Allimex. The team-building took place in the City Park of Hasselt.

In this unique activity, we take participants on a journey where trust and betrayal balance on a subtle thread. A game in which seemingly friendly colleagues may turn out to be traitors. The concept began a week prior with a brief online questionnaire to determine the group divisions and the Mole(s). The Mole(s) were then briefed over the phone about the tasks and potential sabotages.

On the day itself, the various groups faced each other in diverse challenges. The goal was twofold: firstly, the teams aimed to score as high as possible during the challenges, and secondly, they had to be vigilant about the person playing a double game. Forging alliances with teammates was crucial for gathering information and unmasking the traitor. Throughout the game, it was essential to carefully track all information in the personal Mole booklet. The day ended with an exciting finale and an award ceremony for the best Moles and Mole catchers.

June 2023
120 Participants
Stadspark Hasselt
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