Belfius - Traditional games, darts & curling

A very nice, cozy afternoon with Belfius as the perfect transition between the substantive part, with business presentations, and the evening dinner.

The historic factory building Colonia in Dendermonde was an excellent location for a cozy winter afternoon with game fun and a touch of competition.

During icestock curling, teams of 5 people competed against each other in a competitive but relaxed atmosphere. The combination of precision and fun provided a fun challenge and enjoyment for all participants. In addition to curling and darts, the participants could also enjoy a wide selection of classic and modern folk games. These folk games were set up as a competitive team building activity and as a free walk-in for those who just wanted to enjoy an informal game.

During the breaks between the activities, the participants had the chance to relax and enjoy a well-deserved aperitif. The historical character of the Colonia hall and the warm ambiance provided the perfect environment to relax and chat with colleagues after an intensive day full of meetings. After the activities, a delicious appetizer and dinner followed, where the participants could talk about the highlights of the day.

January 2024
60 Participants
Colonia - Dendermonde
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