Mazda - Casino Party

With 200 people from Mazda we had a wonderful Casino night that perfectly unfolded in a fantastic dance party.

Den Oven in Boom provided the perfect setting for this fantastic Casino Night.

From 6 pm, guests were welcomed, almost all of them dressed up in ‘Great Gatsby’ style, with welcome bubbles. They were assigned a starting budget via a lottery drum, with which they could immediately try their luck at the many casino tables spread throughout the banquet hall.

Until about 10 pm, the wildest bets were placed and the most exuberant amounts were won… and lost, at the Roulette, Blackjack, and other Poker tables.

From 8 pm, this was combined with food stations where one could enjoy the various delicious dishes at will, combined with a range of drinks of choice.

Around 10 pm, the 10 best casino players were awarded a beautiful prize, which marked the end of the casino part, but absolutely not the end of the evening…

The DJ had been offering quietly danceable music for some time, which, after the closing of the casino tables, could be louder on a larger dance floor. A lot of people were already in the mood for a dance. Others opted for an animated conversation, or a visit to the photobooth.

Unfortunately, this beautiful song also came to an end at the agreed end time of 1 am. Tired but very satisfied, everyone went home, past the alcotester set up at the cloakroom.

Everyone richer with a very beautiful experience, which they will be able to enjoy for a long time thanks to our photographer.

March 2024
200 Participants
Den Oven - Boom
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