The 5 senses of Switzerland

The workshop 'the 5 senses' was tailored to fit Swiss tastes in close consultation with the client by adding typical local ingredients to the various sensory experiences that participants could undertake between the different courses of the walking dinner.

The following 5 sensory-stimulating activities were organized in a rotating system, with only praise from both the organizing party and the participants afterward.

TASK 1: 'SEEING & HEARING' - a speed quiz about Swiss music and history.

TASK 2: 'SMELLING' - participants had to match scents in small bottles to those used in red and white wines.

TASK 3: 'TASTING' - participants had to taste and match descriptions to the correct cheeses.

TASK 4: 'FEELING' - participants had to identify typical Swiss objects by touch in several 'feeling boxes' and match them to the correct regions.

October 2023
50 Participants
The Mix - Brussels
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