Carco - Benefit -Three-day event

This three-day team-building experience was hosted at Chateau du Lac in Genval. Ecco la luna meticulously curated the event in partnership with Carco, a renowned event agency from Paris. A short recap:

The ice was broken on the first day by a burst of energy as participants immersed themselves in the lively atmosphere of Bandaoke, a karaoke experience accompanied by a talented live band. Laughter and music set the stage for an unforgettable event.

On day 2, guests were treated to an evening of wonder and mystery, with table magic performed by skilled magicians and mentalists. Amidst delectable cuisine, attendees marveled at mind-bending illusions that left them awestruck.

Venturing into Brussels center on day 3, participants took part in a range of city games exploring and discovering the city. After an exciting morning the group was treated to a delightful Belgian lunch at 'Roi d'Espagne' on the Grote Markt. For desert the group attended a chocolate and beer tasting in the afternoon. And ending the event in style participants attended an evening party at the château, where a DJ set the mood for a mesmerizing 'cat-walk' showcasing talents from various departments.

This three-day event made for an unforgettable experience creating strong bonds and team synergy.

January 2020
125 Participants
Château Du Lac Genval
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