Lemahieu - The Mole & 2CV Rally

Employees of Lemahieu were treated to a very special format: 'The Mole' linked to a 2CV Rally.

Two of our most beloved formats combined into one! In "Welcome to the mole" One participant is trying to sabotage the whole team, it's up to them to unmask the mole. This time we intertwined this format with our 2CV rally. Along the track there were 5 stops with clues to collect about the identity of the mole. A great merging of 2 exciting formats led to an unforgettable day for the employees of Lemahieu.

The day was festively rounded off with an aperitif on the banks of the Leie, followed by a delicious fondue with a highly appreciated conference performed by Bob Delbecque.

January 2019
40 Participants
Auberge Du Pêcheur Sint-Martens-Latem
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