Experience the satisfaction of creating for yourself with our workshop, where under the guidance of an experienced herbalist, you make your own natural care products, while promoting sustainability and enjoying a unique team-building experience.

"What you do yourself, you do better" ... Under that motto, you will make your own products. This under the guidance of an experienced herbalist.

With just a few basic natural ingredients, it is possible to make quite a wide range of care products.

You can adapt your care product to your skin type and with your favorite scent. This way you ultimately create a product entirely according to your own preferences. Even more enjoyable, because it’s made with love!

We start with an overview of the ingredients you will use, and what there properties and active substances are.

In small groups, you’ll then make 1-3 different care products. This could be a shampoo bar, a body scrub, a bath bomb or who knows, your homemade deodorant might become your favorite? This way you create a product that’s beneficial for people and nature.

In the end you also present your homemade products to the rest of your team. And of course you can take everything home with you and use it straight away.

This teambuilding:

  • Is a lot of fun, creative and you work both independently and as a team to get to a beautiful result.
  • Encourages you and your team to think about sustainability and your way of consuming. (packaging, natural ingredients, etc.) and shows how fun and relatively easy (and cheaper) it is to make something yourself.
  • Ensures that in addition to having a great day, you also have beautiful products to take home and be proud of!
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