Team Robinson

“Dare to venture? Your own Team expedition!”

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At the crack of dawn you wash ashore on a deserted beach. Various team flags are placed in the middle of the island. The stranded colleagues gather somehow insecure around these flags, where it soon becomes clear that everyone is part of 1 camp. The colour of your bandana immediately reveals to which camp you belong and especially who your fellow camp mates are. TEAM ROBINSON has begun.

You are face to face with the camp members of the other teams. Then you receive a first mission to complete: let the other camps know who you are and what you stand for. Creating your identity as a team, a short catchphrase, a slogan or one-liner can instantly demonstrate the other camps how ambitiously you face this expedition.

During this expedition you will get the chance to get the other camp members to know better. Because 1 thing is for sure: during Team Robinson every camp member will become important. Get to know each other and use each other’s skills during the different challenges. Various skills will be addressed: strength, speed, cooperation, concentration, riddle solving skills and thinking strategically. This is a game in which everyone will make an important contribution to the camp’s success. Togetherness and the “1 for all and all for 1” motto, are no empty words in this game.

We will finish off with all the camps together, optionally around a heart-warming campfire on the deserted beach, where we will enjoy a nice barbecue and the closing finale of your Team Expedition. During the finale the 2 representatives of each camp will compete against each other to boost the final score and to eventually succeed together with their camp, in getting the coveted title of “TEAM ROBINSON”!

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