Travel around the world - through time

Join us on a fascinating world journey or time travel, where each team represents a country or era and participates in challenging tasks, workshops, and tastings, all in an unrestrained ambiance and in the theme of the chosen countries or time slots.

Each team chooses a country to represent and does so in typical traditional dress, with or without the necessary (wrong or right) clichés. Optionally, we provide the necessary clothing, but it is even more fun to work towards the event in the weeks beforehand per team, and to provide clothing and possible attributes yourself.

On the day of the event, we make a journey around the world, from country to country… Each country stands for a practical task, knowledge questions via a tablet game, a workshop, a tasting. At the various tasks, countries can use their jokers that they may have earned at the tastings/knowledge questions.

This concept can also be set up as a journey through time, where participants travel from prehistoric times to the 21st century through all kinds of tasks, knowledge questions, workshops, and tastings.

Unrestrained ambiance guaranteed, combined with fun facts and the necessary food and drink, all in the theme of the chosen countries or time slots.

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