Atlas Copco - 4 days of business coaching & teambuilding

We had the privilege of organizing a business coaching & teambuilding event for the Atlas Copco IT Services Team EMEA for the third consecutive year.

Nestled near the picturesque locale of Alden Biesen, the Rentmeesterij hotel played host to our event. Here, our team immersed themselves in a blend of business coaching, thrilling activities, and collaborative team-building exercises. The primary aim resonated with Zig Ziglar's sentiment: "The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is not training them and keeping them."

Program Overview:

Day 1: Business Vision and Team-building Code Cracking

The Atlas Copco IT Services Team EMEA kicked off the event, delving into the business vision. They emphasized aligning personal goals with organizational objectives. The day's highlight was the "Code Cracking" team-building activity. Collaboration, problem-solving, and trust are key in this exercise, setting a strong foundation for team cohesion.

Day 2: Caricature Workshop and Connecting Communication

Day two focused on effective communication and fostering connections among team members. Participants engaged in a caricature workshop, encouraging self-expression and facilitating team interactions. Diverse communication techniques were explored through various exercises, ensuring engagement and bolstering team synergy in a collaborative environment.

Day 3: Farewell Celebration for a Retiring Employee

On day three there was a farewell celebration for a retiring team member, doubling as a team-building opportunity. Surprise guests enhanced the camaraderie, with a personalized rendition of the Marseillaise and a humorous caricature adding to the festivities.

Day 4: Site Visit

To close of the event, the team embarked on a site visit to a nearby company facility. Enhancing service provision and deepen understanding of the internal customer-supplier relationship were the goal. A final briefing and a cozy lunch provided by Patrick Poncelet facilitated reflection and fostered team unity.

Conclusion and Closing Words from Atlas Copco:

"Ecco La Luna, you were worth every penny."

September 2022
20 Participants
Rentmeesterij - Bilzen
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