Support a charity: a team-building initiative with social impact!

Not only during the Warmest Week or the Glass House, but throughout the whole year, we spread warmth with SolarBuddy. Our team-building activity not only strengthens team bonds but also helps bring light to children and families living in energy poverty.

'SolarBuddy' is an organization dedicated to bringing light to children in difficult home situations. Would you like to raise awareness as a company during a special CSR-oriented team-building? Get to know Solarbuddy as a team, the hour of power!

By opting for a 1-hour teambuilding activity like SolarBuddy, you can change and positively impact the life of a 10-year-old child by gifting them a SolarBuddy. This enables them to read, learn, study, dine with their parents, move about safely outdoors, and continue to develop themselves when it's dark.

How does it work?

This team-building consists of three parts. In the first part, "Learn," we will inform the participants about what 'energy poverty' exactly is and why we want to help combat it.

In the second part, "Make," they can assemble a Solar Buddy lamp themselves – one that operates on solar energy. These lamps, which capture sunlight during the day, help children read and study longer in the evenings. This allows them to do homework in the evenings, increasing their educational opportunities. After assembling, participants can write a personal message for the recipient.

Finally, there is the third part, 'Illuminate,' where the lights are delivered to children in developing countries.

In this way, as a team, you can not only contribute financially to the SolarBuddy lamps but also actively participate in their creation and distribution. This enables you to create a lasting impact while strengthening teamwork within your organization.

Since its establishment in 2016, SolarBuddy has donated hundreds of thousands of solar-powered lamps, literally brightening the lives of nearly 1 million people in 19 different countries.

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