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Looking for a suitable teambuilding or incentive for your business and employees? On a creative, playful and often quite simple way, we engage us that every participant - between its colleagues – shows his personality and his capacities. 

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Corona proof team development

The strength of team building is that it brings people together, but that same strength becomes a vulnerability in this day and age.

People are no longer allowed to come together, and that affects our sector right to the heart. As your event partner, we've been looking for new formats to help bridge this temporary obstacle.

We respect the requested measures to protect ourselves and others, including working from home. In order to keep inspiring people in this specific situation, one of the concepts below might help you.

In this way your teleworkers remain motivated, inspired and above all connected, without leaving their safe home.

Maybe something for you? Let us know!

During lockdown: Remote teambuilding series

Bring remote employees together with our interactive, game-sharing experience - all without leaving the comfort and safety of your home!

With three themes to choose from as part of a Remote Team Building Series, we’ll facilitate team interaction through live video stream and our award-winning app.

With a helping hand from a remote event manager our shared activities are the perfect solution to bring your employees together encouraging team bonding, morale and plenty of laughs for teams that work remotely.

Up to 60 minutes

Great for:
- Combating loneliness
- Building relationships
- Morale-boosting
- Connecting global teams

Choose from our 3 themes:

After the lockdown: Multi City

Does the epidemic prevent you from bringing together your team?
Ecco La Luna has the remedy! "Multi City" does not yield to the virus and provides a solution for your events.

With Multi City teams are able to participate in events from a distance, without having to leave their homes, offices or region.

Multi City allows you to participate in the same activity from different places around the world. No matter if your company has divisions or teams in Antwerp, Liège, Brussels, London or Paris, they will be able to play a geo-localised outdoor treasure hunt or another indoor game together. During these activities they stay connected with other teams through the same application.

Our Multi City formats:

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