Around The World

Around The World

We are all limited when it comes to traveling ...

With Around the World we take your teams on a virtual world trip. In several countries we make a stopover to solve some quiz questions and sometimes also to carry out a photo or video assignment in the theme of the country visited. You buy your ticket to your next destination with the points you have scored.

Which team will get the furthest with the highest score in the allotted time?

  • Played in teams in virtual breakout rooms
  • Live scoreboard across the teams in the app
  • Quiz questions and photo and video assignments about the different countries
  • 10' briefing - 45' to 75' travel fun - 10' wrap-up
  • During wrap-up, some photos and videos that were sent during the game will be shown and the winner will be announced
  • Photos and videos + scoreboard available online via link

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