Cooking Team building

Discover the hidden chef in yourself and transform your team dynamics with our Cooking Team building. Dive into a culinary journey full of fun, creativity and unforgettable moments!

To be together around pots and pans is beneficial for the team spirit. It's surprising to see an uptight office worker turn into a confident master chef like Gordon Ramsay. After all, communication and organization are the key words to prepare a delicious dinner, which is your main goal and the reward of your hard work. Moreover you should clearly agree on the role division and trust each other.

In this three hour workshop you prepare an extensive menu consisting of appetizers, starter, main course and dessert. Only fresh ingredients are used and you can compose your own menu 'à la carte'. And as a reward for your combined efforts, we all sit together and eat the prepared dishes and give some explanation. It goes without saying that we provide a great wine for every meal ... which will facilitate the communication!

For bigger groups we work in multiple teams that will make multiple menu's, each in a theme, linked to a country or region: Italian, Thaï, French ... Another option is to work with themes such as smoothies, sushi, insects, campfire cooking, djars ...

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