Unleash your inner artist with our ‘Explore Your Talent’ team building format! Dive into a world of creativity, collaborate with professional artists, and culminate your journey with a spectacular performance that brings together all your newfound skills.

In this team building, the participants work closely together with our professional artists. They are assigned at random to the different workshops or this can be determined in advance by employee(s) of the company according to individual interests.

In each niche, the participants are immersed in a creative world, after which all specialties come together in a performance. An ideal start to a cosy afternoon or evening!

A nice extra? In order to provide a larger audience (read: more encouragement and enthusiasm), the participants' partners can also be invited to enjoy the spectacle.

Each workshop lasts 2.5 to 3 hours with a short drink break. The final performance lasts approximately half an hour, with an hour of preparation time. Costumes fit, the make-up students do the makeup of the other show guests,...

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