Unleash the musical potential of the group and enrich your team dynamics with our trombone workshop, where you not only learn to play a new instrument, but also discover the transformative power of music in your professional life.

Would you like to learn a new instrument? Then discover our trombone workshop! During the workshop we practice the correct technique, correct breathing and we teach you to play together as a group.

The aim of this workshop is that by the end you are already quite familiar with the instrument and can play some simple tunes. We can organise this for both small and large groups. An ideal energiser to break the day!

Optionally, we can combine this with a keynote with insights about the impact of music on our (professional) lives and its positive effects on our brain. Music accompanies us at important moments in life, acts as an outlet or serves as a motivator during exercise. However, this impact often remains underutilised at work.

We rely on scientific evidence and build a bridge to situations in the workplace. We give you tips to listen to music more consciously and show how you can experiment with some of these positive effects.

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