Step into the world of cocktail magic and become a mix master with our workshop that tantalizes your senses and ignites your creativity!

Discover the secrets of mixology in our captivating cocktail workshop! Start with a 30-minute masterclass where you’ll learn everything about the art of cocktail making, from the importance of ice to the finesse of flavor balance. Taste miniature creations from our bartender and be inspired to design your own signature cocktail.

In teams, you’ll have the chance to experiment with a wide range of flavors, colors, and decorations. You have one hour to refine your mixing skills and create the perfect cocktail that will impress our popular jury. You can make use of an extensive three-part buffet:

  • an array of different types of glasses, cups, and containers
  • a comprehensive selection of drinks
  • a wide choice of fresh ingredients
    A ‘mystery box’ with unique elements for each team makes the experience even more exclusive.

Conclude the workshop with a presentation of your best cocktail and optionally compete for an exclusive grand prize. Let your creativity run wild, collaborate with your team, and aim for mixological perfection!

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