Discover the fascinating world of Taiko, the ‘big drum’ of Japan, an instrument that not only produces music, but also symbolizes a way of life, a spiritual path that encompasses body, mind, and soul.

Literally translated, Taiko means ‘big drum’, which refers both to the instrument itself and to the activity. Both are called Taiko.

Anyone can hit a drum, but that’s not Taiko… Real Taiko is a way of being, of living, a spiritual path. Playing Taiko involves the whole body and the mind. Taiko is not just music that you can hear, it also involves powerful body movements that you can see, and the deep sound of the taiko resonates throughout your entire being.

Central role in Japanese culture

When Taiko originated is not known. What is known is that it is thousands of years old, and that it has been an indispensable instrument for centuries, even today, in Japanese culture: as a musical instrument, a means of communication (formerly from village to village) and as a religious object. Today, Taiko is still used in Japan at religious ceremonies, to honor ancestors, at village festivals, in classical theater…

Connecting team building

Playing Taiko in a group creates a very connecting and enriching effect. With great pleasure, we also immerse your group in this world of Eastern percussion.

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