Imec - October 2023

Date: October 2023 Number of persons: 100 Location: Gold d'Hulencourt Genappe Teambuilding: Team Challenges and Soap Box Experience

For the company Imec, we organized a day program in October at Golf d'Hulencourt in Genappe.

In the morning, Team Challenges were on the agenda. The group was divided into smaller teams of 5 to 10 people, each ready for the various challenges that awaited them. Tactics, strategy, and creativity were keywords as the teams competed against each other in tasks such as Calculator, Minefield, Tower of Power, Magic Stick, Toxic Waste, Team Puzzle, Drop The Ball, and more. Each team member contributed to the success of their group, with teamwork, collaboration, and perseverance at the forefront.

After the Team Challenges, hunger was satisfied with a delicious BBQ lunch, where participants could discuss the morning activities and prepare for the next activity.

In the afternoon, the Zeepkisten Experience was on the agenda. The group was divided into 'stables', with each team responsible for designing and building their own soapbox. The activity consisted of different phases, where teams came up with names and logos, earned money through interactive tasks on iPads to buy parts, and negotiated with 'Mario and Luigi' for the necessary building blocks.

In the garage of 'Mario and Luigi', teams could find all the materials to build and decorate their soapboxes. Negotiations, creativity, and teamwork were once again crucial. The teams enthusiastically built their soapboxes, ready for the ultimate challenges.

The day concluded with a closing drink. It was a day full of teamwork, challenges, and unforgettable moments.

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