Teamwork makes the dream work.John C. Maxwell

Sand sculptures

Who didn't build sandcastles as a child? With no worries you used to build even the most beautiful sand sculptures on the beach. Castles and all sorts of sculptures emerged from the sand. This is the basic idea and where the strength lies in our workshop ‘building sculptures in the sand’. We challenge you and your colleagues to have fun in the sand again. With our special sculpture sand, your teamwork and creativity you start, just like before, to shape an impossible looking challenge. At various locations, with different objectives, for small or (very) large groups we let people experience how fun and special it is to build a sand sculpture. At the end the day, each team will have given a three-dimensional shape to the topic. Beautiful sand sculptures will tell each their own story. Each participant will have checked out of the daily grind and discoverd in an innovative way their unexpected talents and creativity. An approach that leaves a lasting impression!

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