Team Social

The Team Social

The Team Social is an online web-based solution for groups that cannot / may not install an app on the smartphone. Participants will be sent a link and simply participate in the online game via the web browser.

This game is purely focused on interaction and fun. We welcome the participants in the lobby where the teams are composed and then play different types of mini-games for 60 minutes such as trivia, buzzer game, fun-fact-match and team-pictionary where you work together as a team on 1 drawing.

After an hour of fun, it's time for a group photo and the scoreboard.

  • Played in a maximum of 6 teams of 5 people per link.
  • Game host who keeps the game running smoothly.
  • 60' game time (can also be shorter if necessary).
  • No app installation required.
  • Participants can constantly see each other through the avatars.
  • Communication within your own team during the games and with everyone between the games.
  • Rotating captain role after each question.
  • Fun-Fact-Match so that you learn something about each other.

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