Team Trail

Go on a trip with your colleagues and discover how you can work together as a team to complete your Team Trail in the most efficient way.

In the popular TV show 'Kamp Waes' we saw the potential power of an orientation trip in group and from there we started to develop this concept.

Each team receives a detailed map of the nature reserve with the different waypoints and team assignments along the way (with or without predetermined restrictions). How do you, as a team, organize to visit all waypoints within the scheduled time? Do you start with a good planning or do you get in 'head first' ? How do you deal with the strengths and weaknesses in your team? Who takes the lead and takes the team in tow and what if someone else is put forward to take over?

The mobile phones go off for a while and you are dependent on each other and on the map for the rest of the course. Disconnected from the outside world but all the more connected with your teammates, you're on your way.

For this format we will talk to you beforehand. We listen to your wishes and needs and will work with you to offer a Team Trail tailored to your needs. Your Team Trail can take one or more days or be limited to an hour and a half, it can be made physically strenuous or it can be accessible to everyone sooner. We also adjust the team challenges along the way to what has come out of our preparatory interview. If desired, we can provide accommodation in tents or something more comfortable in a hotel, a workshop campfire cooking or dinner in a cozy restaurant ...

The Team Trail's multi-deployability allows us to go in every direction to create an optimal learning experience for your team.

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