Team vitamines

Team Vitamins

In this learning workshop we organize an experience-oriented "body check-up" of the team, we make, as it were, a team selfie, a photo of the functioning of your team at that moment and in which phase your team is at. We will actively work with your team and look at the following questions concerning the group dynamic:

How's the team doing? How does our team function and do we recognize the dynamics that arise here also in everyday professional life? Who is everyone individually and as a team member? How's the communication and what impact does it have? How are the relationships between the team members? What does this tell us? What translation can we make to everyday professional life? What are the strengths and weaknesses of our team?

Based on the answers to these questions, we can indicate certain 'vitamins', certain experiences that respond to the concrete needs of your team in order to make your team even stronger.

In co-creation with your team, we will be happy to draw up a follow-up project on certain needs and themes, with which we will then continue working together.

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