Will you and your team defuse the bomb during our unique mobile escape game concept? Check it out and … Escape to Victory

From the moment the box is activated, the team has a limited time to defuse the so-called activated bomb. To do this they must work together in a very efficient manner on a series of assignments, puzzles and riddles. Assignments that are linked to each other and where you need the result of one assignment to successfully start and complete another. Little by little, the box will reveal its secrets. We developed 4 identical boxes and per box 8 to 15 participants can play as a team. Who can defuse our box before it's too late?

Duration: +/- 2h.

This exercise can optionally be supervised by an experienced process supervisor / coach. During the assignment, the process supervisor will mainly observe the team process / team dynamics and then debrief with the team. At crucial moments during the assignment, the process supervisor can decide to schedule a time-out. Then the time is stopped for a moment to discuss how everything is going with the team. How is communication going? What do you run into? What runs efficiently and well and what do we need to do to make it more efficient, to organize the team better? Is mainly micro-management done and is the “big picture” sufficiently monitored?

Afterwards, we will discuss the progress with the team step by step and how they can apply the things they have learned or noticed on the work floor.

Looking for an Escape game for more than 60 people or an escape game that can be played remotely or hybrid? No problem! Contact us via team@eccolaluna.be

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